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Red Dragon Booking / Entertainment have been involved in the booking of tours for bands and artists for the past 16 Years!! Such acts include 2 Live Crew, The Original SugarHill Gang, Long Beach Dub All Stars, RAW POWER, Beer Zone, The English Dogs, The UK SUBS, The Vibrators, Good Riddance, Treephort, Near Miss, The Deep Eynde, Alyssa Suede, SiX, and many others.

Red Dragon Booking offers touring options ranging from Western regional to International touring options, with optional PR involvement as well. We secure radio advertisements and day of radio interviews in areas applicable. If you promote your shows properly and have played in the venue area previously we work to provide a travel expenses guarantee, usually between $75 and $100, for bands to small to require a solid performance guarantee. We also work with street teams across the country to secure solid promotion and advertisements for national bands coming through. We have connections with many different booking agencies, in an effort to place support bands on larger tours for major national exposure. We offer free Public Relations exposure however, for those who do not know what a PR Agent consists of, this member typically handles press and media exposure for a band on tour to create the optimum possible exposure for the band the venue and the scene in general. Typical PR agents can be quite expensive so we provide alternatives, through certain booking sites to PR agents that are a little more likely to fit your budget. Also, if you cannot afford even the cheapest PR agent, don’t worry, we provide FREE PR work on all our tours as well as a solid promotions campaign using FaceBook and all other social media outlets.

We are traditionally retained for our agents time, however we also work with many of our larger bands on a percentage basis. We get the logistics and expectations for a tour from the band and from there we calculate the time necessary to complete that tour and a quote is given.

Its fairly simple, we take west coast bands provide them with exposure on the east coast, and do the same for east coast bands, out here on the West Coast. We get the bands to network with, promoters, labels, each other and anyone else to increase the awareness which creates a greater fan base, exposure of their band and improves the scene in general. So no matter what stage your band is in, we can book your tour to better expose your band and get you heard!

We have worked with over 600 Bands, have booked over 600 Tours resulting in nearly 8000 shows, since 2002!!

What can Red Dragon Booking / Entertainment do for my band?

The End of Silence started their National tour June 14th and wanted to end September 30th, 2006. They had Meredith Sloan of Melon Media doing PR for this tour. Although Red Dragon Booking / Entertainment and Melon Media had never worked together previously, but much like the other publicists we have worked with in the past, we hit it off right away! The End of Silence started their tour with no previous experience in any of the markets across the country, and were fine with the initial $40 to $100 guarantee's we set out to secure for them, and understood that if we were unable to acquire those guarantee's for them from the venues, that unfortunately that is how it is across the country now a days, venues don't hand out money, as listed in our Term of Service Agreement.

Across the first leg of the tour, Meredith and Red Dragon Booking / Entertainment worked so well together, The End of Silence started drawing 20 to 30 to 50 people at venues, in cities where they had never set foot before. Then by the time they got to the east coast, they were drawing an average of 50 people per show and easily acquiring their $80 to $100 guarantee's and above per night. By mid August things were going so well, they decided to stay out on the road until October 30th, and once they came back around and hit all of the same clubs on their way home, they were receiving guarantee's of $200 to $500+ per night and drawing almost 300 people at venues they had only played once a few weeks or in some instances months before, where they had only drawn 20 to 30 people.

Good progressive booking paired with good progressive PR and good promotion is the best thing for a band on tour, however their expectation level has to be in the right place and this example proves that, because if The End of Silence, their label or anyone else involved had expected to make $200 to $500 per show right off the bat, then it wouldn't have worked out this well for everyone involved, because that is an unrealistic expectation for any band setting out on their first tour. Keeping the expectation level to what it should be $0 to $40 to $100 per show, in areas your band has never played before, will be more beneficial in the progress of the long run then going out with the wrong expectations and becoming frustrated, or disappointed and not furthering the overall success and career goals. So as a result of the Hard Work of the band The End of Silence, the financial support, dedication and hard work of their label Killer Puppy Records, successful booking paired with, successful PR and successful promotion, staying out from June 14th until October 30th established the band across the country and made for much larger connections than they ever dreamed of and got the attention of Jacoby, lead singer of multi-platinum hard rock band "Poppa Roach" and they are currently in negotiations to join them as main support on the next Poppa Roach national tour, and are currently working on setting dates for Jacoby to produce the next "The End of Silence" record.


Band Testimonials

The Motorleague: "My band was added to a festival date in the USA (we’re from Canada) and we needed to add support dates on the route from the festival.  We had less than a month to book the support dates. I contacted Red Dragon to see if they could help us – and within a few emails back and forth – we had a full 12 date routing figured out and ˝ booked.  Jared and the gang were painless to deal with – and very prompt with emails and phone calls.  They got us on some great bills and we can’t wait to book a second round with them. I tried to book this tour myself – and I just couldn’t get it done – Red Dragon did."

Don Levandier – The Motorleague

SIX: "After working with a lot of different agencies , (big and small) Red Dragon proved to always honor their word and come through on any agreement or goal, we had set together. SiX heard nothing but positive feedback from promoters which made our confidence in Red Dragon grow even stronger. In this business, that says a lot" -Lauren, SiX

RAW POWER: "Working with Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment has been wonderful, they have always been a great help and have managed to get our band to achieve new exposure and awareness we didn't have before especially with younger audiences. The local promoters were helpful and always treated us with love, I definitely recommend it! We have played two tours booked by Red Dragon Booking one in 2006, and 2007 and due to the success of the previous tours we are planning our third tour for 2008! We can only thank them for the great job they have done and are doing and we would recommend them to any band old and new!!"  - Mauro, RAW POWER

THE END OF SILENCE: "Red Dragon Booking helped with exactly what is mentioned above and without their help we would not be where we are today and profiting from the amazing benefits acquired from working with Red Dragon Booking. We would recommend their expertise to any band looking to further their careers!"

DYING BREED: "Working with Red Dragon Booking has been a great for our band. They are very knowledgeable, hard working, trusting, and they do what they say they are going to do. They have helped our band gain a great deal of exposure and a whole new fan base world wide."

Fate Fatal - THE DEEP EYNDE: "After booking 3 of my own U.S. tours, I realized that I couldn't do it alone anymore, it took too much time. Being an Indie band, I needed extra help in securing shows, and I found that it was better to be represented. After working with Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment we had received so much more exposure, and as a result, we got double signed to labels in America and Europe, Disaster Records (USA) People Like You (DE)."

THE PUBES: "Working with Red Dragon Booking & Ent, has been by far the best experience anyone in a band called 'The PUBES' could hope for! Highly recommended!"

RUDE BUDDHA: "This is the bottom line. When I asked for something that was needed, Red Dragon Booking / Entertainment came through and delivered. I want you to know I appreciate your work and you are great at it. We look forward to working with you again!"

COLLINZ ROOM: ”Working with Red Dragon & Entertainment has been a key step for our band's exposure and has been the Key to bringing our music to places that wouldn't be possible on our own. I would definitely guarantee that your band will get the best paid, bigger and professional shows on your planed Tour. Our first tour was a complete success! We are more than grateful to have Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment helping us for the second time on our next tour schedule in Summer 2010.”
JJ Collinz Room.

COUNT YOUR DEAD: "We used Red Dragon Booking and Entertainment and the results were great, any bands interested in gaining exposure and going on Tour, Red Dragon are the people to help you. we'll be working with them again" 

CHESTERFIELD: "We recommend Red Dragon Booking to any band that is serious about their success. We've worked with them many times and will continue to do so in the future. If you're a dedicated touring band, you can't go wrong with Red Dragon!!"

IN ENDING: "Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment has great motives and a good drive that I feel we need to take advantage of."

EMPTY HANDED: “Working with Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment has helped our band to achieve new exposure and awareness we didn’t have before!”

DREAMFAST: "Working with Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment was a blast! They were always available when we needed them and booked amazing shows for us that helped to increase our fan base!! I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a larger fan base!"


Industry Testimonials

Luke Chandler - Owner - AboveGround Records: "Working with Red Dragon Entertainment has been nothing but an enjoyable experience. They are an example of professionalism in an industry full of those who are anything but. I foresee this company making strides in years to come towards becoming the standard in the booking scene."

Sulo King - Brick By Brick - San Diego, CA: "Jared at Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment is always on the ball, respectful and an absolute pleasure to work with. He makes booking shows a whole lot more of an enjoyable experience."

Christian & Starr / Owners - Club Drifters: "Club Drifters all ages live original music venue, located in Nashua New Hampshire - has always strived to book great positive bands for the youth of this community.
In the past 11 years we have booked thousands of great bands from all over the globe, but always keep a strong focus on helping younger high school bands in  getting a start.
Jared and Red Dragon Booking / Entertainment have helped us to do that in many ways, by sending us super cool bands, and working with our (all ages) budget.
Its hard to find great people like the Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment, in this industry.
and we are grateful for them!!!"

ROB JACKSON - RIPSTAR: "Red Dragon Booking & Entertainment has been one of the only bookers I have maintained contact with because they make an effort to adapt to the needs we express and they understand our system is designed to offer a trade worthy of respect although it may be a bit different. We wish them and the bands they work with the best and invite all of them to submit music for my review for inclusion on radio and tours via our products and the release of singles on our label. We rarely put on shows anymore, but for the right reasons, anything is possible!"

If you have any other questions we can be reached via the Contact page 24 hours a day.

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